• Volunteer of the Year Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce Burlington WI
  • BA Lawrence University Appleton WI
  • Corporate subject matter expert in operations and finance. Developed and implemented training.
  • Considerable experience using technology
  • Received nine promotions within an organization
  • Endorsed by co-workers and clients
  • Experienced in speaking in front of audiences about corporate initiatives and training successes
  • Productively led teams of up to 80 individuals and coached up to 10 direct reports.
  • Kenosha Literacy Council; Readers are Leaders; BACC; Lake Shangri-La Property Owners Association


Alison Galbraith
It's not about what it is.  It's about what it can become.    - Dr. Seuss
I was born in England and I have travelled extensively since then. What I love best about travelling is the opportunity to meet new people and widen my global perspective.  Of course the experience of seeing glaciers in Norway, riding elephants in Africa and eating Belgian chocolate is fabulous also!  Because of my passion for people I am excited to meet and work with all types of individuals emphasizing growth and partnership in solving issues.

From my scientist father I gained an analytical approach to life which gives me the ability to make creative connections unseen by others.  He taught me to ask why and then find out how.  I take his life-lessons of continuous improvement and apply them to people skills and processes.  This creative problem solving has also nurtured my artistic soul as I am constantly exploring new craft techniques to see what is possible.  Whether through wire, wood, stone or paint my hunger for knowledge is growing through art.

From my mother I gained a love of teaching and my communication skills. This has allowed me to share my knowledge from one on one coaching through classroom training in multiple situations through my career.  My proficiency in relationship building comes from my global perspective combined with my strong leadership, partnership  and mentoring talents.


  1. -
    Branch Manager - Racine West, Johnson Financial Group
    • Achieved top three in both deposit and loan categories for branches in Southeast Region for 2019
    • Selected as member of the SBA COVID Payroll Protection Program loan team facilitating loan applications and responding to customer questions
    • Developed and implemented regional overdraft training program to ensure compliance with regulations
    • Implemented successful improvements in branch operations including safe deposit box, gift cards and variation tracking
    • phone scripting and coaching
  2. -
    Branch Manager - Kenosha Midtown, Johnson Financial Group
    • Exceeded sales goals of $3.5 million through increased training with team in customer service
    • Achieved higher efficiency and faster processing of high-volume deposits for the corporate vault with an average daily volume of +$750k through updating processes
    • Demonstrated ability to solve complex issues with new insights which respectfully challenged outdated processes
    • Achieved the highest number of referrals in SE Region through execution of cross-selling games and training
  3. -
    Branch Manager - Burlington, Johnson Financial Group
    • Created corporate variation tracking system and trained branch managers and teller supervisors in processes
    • Analyzed branch transactions by FTE and made recommendations adopted by senior management as cost saving measures for entire Southeast region
    • Led team development through monthly coaching and performance reviews
  4. -
    BACC Volunteer of the Year, Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce
  5. Kohl's Department Stores, Hawthorn, IL
    • Managed Shoes, Children’s, Housewares, Bed/Bath, Kitchen/Dining, Home Décor, Furniture, Electronics, and Seasonal departments
    • Improved customer service through coaching direct reports to improved sales and tighter display standards
    • Effectively merchandised to corporate standards and ensured timely inventory stocking
  6. Loehmann’s Incorporated , Multiple locations
    • Efficiently led store personnel in sales and merchandising
    • Led team in high energy pushing of product to sales floor
    • Improved retailing through analyzing of sales to floor layout
    • Conducted accurate inventory of stock to determine both sales and shrinkage
  7. Moved to the US from England as a child

Proudest Accomplishment

2020 PPP team member whose work helped small business keep their associates employed during COVID-19

Experience Highlights

  • AVP Branch Manager - Racine West
    Johnson Financial Group
  • AVP Branch Manager - Kenosha Midtown
    Johnson FInancial Group
  • AVP Branch Manager - Burlington
    Johnson Financial Group

Education Highlights

  • B.A.
    Lawrence University, Appleton WI


  • Literacy
    The greatest gift we can give another is literacy


  • Traveling
    I have visited more than a dozen countries and 18 different US states
  • Metal Work
    I enjoy making jewelry through wire weaving and metal forging techiniques
  • Woodworking
    I recently started experimenting with carving wood with both knives and a dremel


  • Top 3
    in both Sales and     deposits at my branch
  • 2,500
    Small business loans as Member of the PPP team
  • $3.5M
    Sales goal achieved


  • Customer Service
  • AUDIT Functions

Questions & Answers

What made you choose your different jobs?
My passion is for customer service. Every role I have held has had a customer service dimension. I enjoy interacting and helping others in every way I can. Whether assisting a customer or an associate, if I can help them resolve an issue then I have the satisfaction
of knowing I improved their day as well as my own.
What is your most satisfying achievement?
One of my greatest joys has been successfully mentoring and coaching my associates to different roles where they are best suited. It is such a rush to see someone grow to be able to take on more responsibility and know I had a part in that.
What do you do in your spare time?
- I enjoy all types of crafting and learning new skills   
 - I love to travel and meet new people
 - I have always been an enthusiastic reader
 - I am an improving nature photographer